Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miami, Day 1

Well, we've arrived in Miami, I have located about half of the group and gotten to the hotel. So far, so good. Unfortunately it's raining in Miami right now, so it's hard to imagine what I/we should do. The beach and downtown is far away since we're by the airport. We could probably get a cab or something, but we're all so sleepy and those of us who got rooms have gone right upstairs and laid down. I only got about two hours of bad sleep last night and went to the airport at 4:30AM then couldn't sleep on the plane so I'm thinking I might just lay around all day till I fall asleep so that I'm not too exhausted all day tomorrow for the many flights and stops and such.

The last few days have been surreal in more ways than I can go into here. I got offered a job that I decided to decline since the location was less than optimal and they needed me to decide right away if I wanted to take it. If I took it then got offered a better job and said I didn't want to work for them, this organization would be without a grant writer for the next year, which would be really bad for them. So I took a risk and hoping something better comes along, I declined.

I moved out of my apartment on Friday and said goodbye to the lovely place I've called home. Moved everything into a storage shed where it will live for the summer. Spent time with my parents, old friends and my godfather and passed my car off to my sister. So I was carless and homeless for a few nights, living out of Aaron's bedroom and driving around with him. Saturday I spent the day with my Grandma and uncle Dennis helping them to get ready for Dennis' exchange student Danny's graduation party. I made 100 fruit skewers during the afternoon.

And now here I am. At a sort of suspended waiting place. Transitions not even begun. There's nothing to do but wait, chat with people as I meet them and allow the comfort to form and develop.

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