Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can't complain about the weather

The weather here has just been astounding. I still think about the cycles and patterns of the seasons, but I can live with this for a year or two, no question. 

This last weekend, it was 75 degrees and sunny both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon my friend Rachael and I rode our bikes up and down the coast, from Playa Del Ray to Redondo Beach and back. All in all it was about 20 miles. We got some frozen yogurt, watched the sun set and had cocktails at the far end of the ride. There were a lot of people out swimming and enjoying the beach, but the bike trail was relatively empty until we hit the Redondo Beach area, and we coasted along at a good clip the whole way, enjoying the fresh smell of the ocean, the sun not burning our pale Minnesotan skin and the exercise. 

It took us a while to figure out exactly how we were supposed to hook our bikes up to the remaining spots on this bike rack. It was a cute idea, but not too useful, Huntington Beach.

Right after the sun had set, as the moon rose in the east over LA.

My roommate Hannah and I both grew up riding horses. Her, across the moors of England, I through the forest behind my parent's house. She also has much more experience training horses in Michigan after she moved there. At any rate, we've been talking wistfully together about how badly we want to go riding, and making out other roommate Christina shutter at the idea of farm animals. We've come across a stable in Burbank that does rides for ONLY $20 for an hour of riding. They also let you run if you want, which is huge for someone like Hannah or I who wants to do more that ride an old horse that follows the trail its been following its whole life.

So Sunday, I sunscreened up again and with a few of the other interns, we went down the stables. It was another warm beautiful day, and though I've been to Griffith Park a few times, it was great to get out and see more since it's huge. Also, of course to be around horses and canter around a little bit. Always makes me feel good and alive. Afterwards, we went to a cowboy bar in Burbank (I have been to Burbank about 3 times since I've moved here and each time I end up at a strange, thematic restaurant somehow) where we had some beers and tacos and watched what we could see of the Superbowl over everyone else's shoulders. It was another fantastic day in sunny California.

Me, Hannah (not my roommate, another one), Masha, Gerard, Hannah 
(my roommate) and Sally before the ride.

Heading out.

Crossing the Los Angeles River, which is a huge dissapoitment after living so near the 
Mississippi for three years.

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