Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Request

Dear Friends,

As many of you have heard: I have made some big decisions and I am approaching the beginning of a life-changing adventure. I have decided to leave Los Angeles and move home to Minnesota, but before I do that I am taking some personal time to travel and work on the book I have been writing for the past several years. 

I am writing to you today to invite you to help me with this journey, in any small or large way you can or wish to do so. Anything you are able to give would humble me and push me to do better. I am NOT asking you to help me to go on vacation (all of the beginning part of this trip can most certainly be classified as vacation and I am paying for that.) From October 2014 until at least January 2015 I will be in Northern Ireland, working on my book: working title Dear Bird. I have decided that I want to devote myself to my artistic self and to this project I have already given so much to. Frankly, I will never finish the book until I go back and spend a significant amount of time in Northern Ireland, learning with and from the people, as well as devoting time to do some serious writing work. There is no time like the present to take a risk and go for it. 

I am currently arranging a location where I will be able to volunteer in exchange for room and board, in order to keep my costs low. However this most likely means I will be outside of Derry, the city where my novel takes place. The group I am hoping to volunteer with would provide me with a myriad of opportunities to learn about the history and culture of Northern Ireland, but I will also need to see different places and feel them out with my hands and soul. The funds I am requesting will be for travel expenses to get around the country, hostels, food, living expenses, etc for the 3-4 months. Depending on where I am at at the end of the volunteering stay, I may wish to find a writing residency where I can work for a few weeks to a month while it is all fresh. 

My goal is to not limit myself because of resources, but to keep my costs as low as possible. 

Your help will allow me to fully engage with the culture and experience without worrying about my ability to afford any trips, meetings, excursions or living essentials I need along the way. I will be able to fully engage with the writing of the story, wherever that leads me. 

I have created a Go Fund Me campaign page, where you can donate to me and the money will come to my bank account where I will allocate it only towards this portion of my upcoming trip. Unlike other crowd funding websites, I do not have to meet my goal to receive the donation you choose to give me. The link to this page is:

Attached to this email you will find a writing sample from the book, as well as story of how the novel formed and where I see it going now. 

Please ask me questions, tell me stories, help in any way you feel is appropriate. I thank everyone for the love and support and promise to keep my little corner of the world posted on the journey I am about to embark upon. Feel free to pass the message along, and to follow my blog as I keep it updated on the journey as it happens. 

Peace, joy and love always,
Katy Cashman 

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