Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Official Details

It' been official for a few weeks now, but to make it all clear: I got the job as food pantry director at Friends In Deed Food Pantry in Pasedena, California. I'll be living in Glendale, about 8.5 miles from work and I'll be able to ride the bike I'll be buying asap to a bus, after which I'll get back on the bike for the rest of the trip. I talked to my new boss and she assured me it's a 9-5, Monday-Friday job which is so assuring to think about: being able to go home at the same time every day, make my own dinners each night and not ever have to work on the weekends.

Another sigh of relief.

Here's the website for the site I'm working for:
You may notice my name, or "Kathy" Cashman as Pantry Director already. They have also apparently ordered me business cards and I'm hoping they say Katy, otherwise there could be another name change in my future...

A week from now I will be done at the Depot - though I work every evening until Monday - and in California with two suitcases, a purse and a carry-on. I've sold most of my furniture on craigslist, packed up everything except that last week's worth of things and decided not to buy grocheries but to make do with what remains in my cupboards and fridge.

I'll be living in an apartment in Glendale, and it looks like (from google maps) there is no yard, but possible a balcony. I know for sure I am living with two other girls, named Sarah and Hannah. Many of the other interns that are a part of my program have added each other on facebook and begun talking about things like where we will live, buy bikes, food and what instuments will be brought. Also through goggle maps and street view, I've done a walking tour of the neighborhood already, and you can see moutains, there are palm trees and I'm very close to shops, resturants, yoga studios, bike stores and everything else that I'll want next year.

I am so very very excited! Apparently I'm also anxious because I'm having trouble sleeping lately, but as my mom said, it would probably be worrisome if I was not anxious about moving across the country and starting a new job all alone.

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