Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glamour, yoga class, cooking and gardening

I had a great great weekend this past weekend. It is probably a mix of culture shock, with lots of a new job in a new place and all new people, but I have really just been exhausted lately. Each night I hit the pillow and fall asleep hard and fast and sleep all night long. It's great, actually. I love sleeping when I'm exhausted more than anything in the world. I've been doing a lot of reading, biking and spending quiet time riding the bus, which is good for my soul. I found at least one yoga studio which I really liked and am trying another next week. Next step is to get back to writing, which I am really going to do soon. Promise.

Friday night we went out to Howl At the Moon, a dueling piano bar in Hollywood (Universal Studio City, actually, which is basically just a mall with movie theaters and expensive parking). It was SUPER fun. While everyone in Clover Valley was rocking out at my dad's 60th birthday party (which I hear was amazing) I was also rocking out, don't worry. We were dancing and singing along to live music all night, and we got there before 9 so we hit the early cover charge, which was much cheaper than it would have been. 

Saturday was quiet, then my roommates and I went to an event we were asked to volunteer at. It was a silent auction and dinner for a homelessness organization  in Glendale at the ABC Broadcasting studios. At first I thought it was a jeans and tshirt sort of volunteering, but then realized we needed to dress up a bit. Turns out we could have dressed up even MORE, which in some ways I wished I had, if not just to feel fancier. This event was MASSIVE. There were hundreds of people there, free wine tasting, free dinner and a silent auction which brought in about $35,000 in twenty minutes. We all got good food, some center pieces and felt very fancy afterwards. 

The next day I got to meet Oscar, the Academy Award, which is written about in the post before this. After the pool party where I met Oscar, four of us interns went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a crazy cool concert venue, and a very very fun concert. Plus, I got into bed by midnight on a Sunday, which I didn't expect from a night I went out to a concert. We were in a huge open-air theater with mountains all around, the Hollywood sign in the background, and the full moon overhead. Very cool.

Otherwise in life, I am developing patterns. The weeks are going by quicker. I am getting used to the work I'm doing and liking it more and more. I like that I work so independently, and have so much responsibility. I like that I manage people, and that I get to interact with clients and volunteers on an equal basis of working on my own. I like that I'm doing work that is good for people and the world. I like being busy. I like listening to NPR in my own office while I get tasks done. I like my coworkers. I like the city of Pasadena.

One thing I learned this week: if you are invited to a service fair at a private high school for Catholic girls, you need to bring a cute boy with you or no one will care about your organization. The Habitat for Humanity table was much busier than mine the other day...

This year I am learning to cook. I am using the extra time I have in the evenings to do things like this: homemade pizza with fresh basil, mozzarella, tomatoes and olive oil. 

Here is my garden on the patio. The flowers are growing really big and lovely, and the tomatoes are getting red and plump. 

Finally, the hanging plants, overlooking the windows and doors of the porch. Hopefully the shelves that don't fit in the apartment and take up too much room on the porch will go away soon so that my plants can have the best locale for sunlight and we can get some patio furniture out there!

And this is the Hollywood Bowl, where we saw the National, which is a pretty cool hipster band. They were amazing live, especially in that space. 

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