Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Oscar

This weekend we were invited to a pool party at one of the parishioners houses. This is not the first time its happened... I've actually been to quite a few pool parties in the last few weeks, compared to the rest of my life. The house was very old and beautiful and in the heart of Hollywood and I asked the homeowners if I could snoop around, and one of the men, Allen, showed me around. We walked into the living room and he picked up... well this:

Turns out his partner, who's grandparents bought the house I was admiring, is the grandson of Karl Struss, the man who filmed Charlie Chaplin and won the first Academy Award for cinematography. It's just hanging out in their livingroom. Maybe this is normal in Hollywood, since he was pretty nonchalant about it all. He also name dropped all the celebrities who lived near by. I proceeded to get very very excited and insist on some more pictures.

The reason everyone holds them the same way is they are really very bottom heavy and its really hard to balance it in any other way.

There he is: Oscar. Just sitting in the living room of this beautiful house we visited in Hollywood. It has just been one of those weekends...

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