Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and the end of November

After so many years of inviting "orphaned' young people to our Cashman family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, I got a taste of the wonderful hospitality returned to me by the Edwards family - my program director Suzanne's extended family. We drove down to the OC (no, not to a mansion) for a great meal, good company and a wonderful after-dinner walk around town, in the 65 degree, sunny afternoon, I might mention. It was a far cry from the Cashman shenanigans - no card-playing, none of those potatoes Margie makes - but it was just about as good as it gets when your the only one in your family on the West Coast.

The dinner table. That's Jaime carving the turkey. He is Suzanne's husband and the priest at one of the churches that sponsors us. He was in the first intern class in the Episcopal Urban Intern Program, 20 years ago, when he met Suzanne. Not only is this the oldest program of its kind in the US, the two of them have been pretty much invested from the beginning. Their two boys are in this picture too, CJ who is right in front of him, holding a plate out and looking wistful and Micah wears the green hat ALL THE TIME. 

Sarah, my roommate, and I.

Desert table!

Jaime, Suzanne and I. Like I said, Suzanne is one of the program directors, Jaime is a priest at the church in Hollywood and they are more or less our extended family for the year. They are fantastic people!

Day after Thanksgiving, Hannah and I spent the afternoon in a park, enjoying the wonderful weather, reading and talking.

Early winter in Los Angeles. I guess I'm not missing winter too much for at least one year of my life.

Santa Monica Pier, November 26th.

This is the last stop on Route 66.

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