Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Giveaway

This weekend was our Thanksgiving giveaway at the food pantry. The local Jaycees (a volunteer group. Do we not have these in Minnesota? I feel like they have a ton here and I keep reading about them in the South and other parts of the country but I've never heard of them in MN) have been working with Friends In Deed for about fifteen years to put on the annual Thanksgiving Gobbler. They partner with us and give food to make Thanksgiving meals to our clients, do all the fundraising and food collecting, put together bags for the clients and give them all out. All I really had to do was be there to tell them where to put things in the pantry and lay down the law with my clients who tried to take advantage of people they didn't recognize.

Sunday when we had the actual giveaway was cold and rainy and we were stuck outside. It made the clients go down to a mere trickle of people, which worked out well for us because there was never a long line, but we still had people coming the whole time and gave away food to about 200 families.

Just a small portion of the prepared bags on Saturday when they were all prepared.

The hallway at the beginning of the day on Saturday.... 

And at the end of the day.

Car full of mashed potato boxes.

And work getting done in the pantry.

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